Below is just a quick run through of the assembly of the alloy boat kits hull section. This is by no means the actual instructions, but a quick overview for your information.

Computer assisted lofting, followed by automatic part cutting, not only makes a lot of sense; it just
makes the job easier. Designs are CAD lofted for computer controlled cutting and marking.


Let us take your new boat project from initial design thru to cutting, with parts on a pallet ready for
shipment from our stock designs or custom lofted from your design.



CNC computer cutting sheets are prepared with parts nested to minimize waste. Parts are
identified along with notes on production operations. Details include notches, brake lines, item part, numbers and descriptions.



3Assembly of the hull involves setting the stem/keel bar about 300mm above the shop floor, pulling the bottom shell plate to match the marks on the stem/keel bar, and then simply placing the frames on the marks on the shell plate. It's that simple! Internal structural members are notched using an "Egg Crate" notch-to-notch technique for speed and accuracy of alignment, resulting in tasks that normally
take weeks being reduced to days.