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Specmar Australia is the International Representitives for Specialty Marine Contractors (SPECMAR Inc.).

Principle designer Stephen Pollard has over 35 yrs of experience in aluminium powerboat design.

We at Specmar Australia, supply professional boat builders with plate alloy cutting files for plasma cuting thier vessels from thier nearest Blue Scope Aluminium Supplier (Licence agreement required). For DIY boat builders, we arrange a complete pre cut aluminium kit delivered to your door interstate or overseas. All packages come with assembly instructions and ABP information as required. The ABP guidlines include HP, Capacity of People, Floatation and MAx Load.

Inquire about our NSCV Survey Range 4.8 and 6 metre.

All designs from 4.2m to 9.5m in Monohull feature Delta Pad Bottoms for improved economy and lower planing speeds. Configurations include cuddy cabs, centre cabs, walk around, runabouts, centre consoles, bow riders, bass and open boats. Catamaran work boats 6.7m and 11m uses include pontoon and passenger vessels.

We specialise in high speed Landing Craft and Work Barges from 6m to 14m Loa

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Drift Boat Designs | Specmar Aluminium Boat Kits
Drift Boats

Plate Alloy Drift Boat Kits - Designed to conform with the famous McKenzie River drift boat, Specmar Aluminium drift boats are constructed with marine grade alloys for all welded construction.

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Mono Hull Boat Designs | Specmar Aluminium Boat Kits
Mono-Hull Boats

View our large range of alloy mono-hull boat design serving a wide range of boating activites. Our range can be modified to suit your particular applications giving you the alloy boat kit you want.

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Catamaran Designs | Specmar Aluminium Boat Kits

SPECMAR Aluminium Catamaran Hulls are either symmetrical or asymmetrical in design. One of the advantages of our aluminium catamaran is initial stability.

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Landing Craft Designs | Specmar Aluminium Boat Kits
Landing Craft

There aluminium landing craft designs come in a variety of sizes to suit many applications. Our Landing Craft Designs are used worldwide due to its rugged reliabilty.

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Rigid Inflatable Boat Designs |  Specmar Aluminium Boat Kits
Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs)

Our Aluminium Rigid-Hull Inflatable Boats (RIBs) are exceptionally stable with a smooth ride and good handling. They have self bailing decks and are of rugged construction.

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Marine Bouyance Foam

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